Restaurant Kukuryku is for those who are on the lookout for traditional Polish home style cuisine. The restaurant opens its doors only in the summer season and only on Saturdays and Sundays. We change the menu regularly and source many ingredients from our vegetable garden.


Main course

Wiejce style chicken liver served with toast and green beans 25zł
Burger with beef or mutton served with french fries 18zł
Wild boar stew with buckwheat or barley 30zł
Pork chop in batter with potatoes with dill and fried cabbage or a mix salad 25zł
Duck breast prepared in a sous-vide manner with Silesian noodles and red cabbage 30zł
Zanderfrom pan in green pueree 30zł
Tagliatelle with chicken or mushrooms 20zł
Dumplings with organic duck meat 18zł
A large salad with chicken 15zł
Pancakes with home-made jam 15zł


House broth with noodles 12zł
Goulash soup  15zł
Wiejce Gizzards 12zł


Cheesecake in chocolate glaze 10zł
Warm apple pie with a scoop of ice cream 12zł
Ice cream with whipped cream and fruits 15zł


Coffee / tea 6zł
Cappuccino 7zł
Latte 9zł
Juices 6zł
House wine 150cl 15zł
Beer 0,3l / 0,5l 6zł / 8zł


Green Pantry

In the palace kitchen we close the flavors of the summer into glass jars. We want to share them with you, which is why we have prepared the Green Pantry in which you can buy our jams, preserves and juices.

Every story has its origin. There are big stories that change the world and land in an encyclopedia. There are also small ones that pass unnoticed, crouched somewhere waiting to be forgotten. The history of the birth of our preserves, however, has never been abandoned in a dark corner and that is why we will tell you about it. The world is moving ahead in great strides. In Wiejce we believe in small steps, in changes consistent with nature. Each of our fruits begins its life in an ecological garden, where, without the addition of artificial fertilizers, grows calmly at its natural pace. Then after the hand picking it goes to the palace kitchen. On the same day, our chef prepares a bubbling mixture. There are hours of mixing, bubbling and evaporating concoctions that seem to have no end, during which only two ingredients are added: fruit and sugar. The jam goes straight to the jars and then to the Green Pantry, where it patiently waits for you to take it off the shelf.  

We offer our guests a wide range of organic homemade preserves prepared in the palace kitchen.


Elderflower juice 10zł
Grape juice 10zł


Raspberry 12zł
Strawberry 12zł
Pumpkin with orange 12zł
Marinated mushrooms 12zł