Wiejce Palace is a perfect place to organize meetings with your family or friends . We offer rooms with a unique atmosphere that are perfect for a baptism or communion parties ,
Wedding jubilees or elegant banquets.


Each of the event rooms can be arranged according to your wishes.
Below you can find our menu suggestions, but we will happy tailor the menus to your specifications.



Eco-duck broth with noodles
10 PLN/os.

Cucumber soup with smoked ribs

Old Polish sour rye soup with an egg
12 PLN/os.

Mushroom soup with chopped parsley and coriander
12 PLN/os.

Onion soup
12 PLN/os.

Borscht with a croquette or patty
15 PLN/os.


Main dish

Chicken fillet stuffed with spinach and mozzarella on sweet potato puree with a carrot slaw
30 PLN/os.

Pork schnitzel served with boiled potatoes sprinkled with dill and with fried cabbage
30 PLN/os.

Baked cod layered with spinach with baked potatoes and tomatoes
35 PLN/os.

Baked salmon with butter and saffron served with wild rice and green peas
35 PLN/os.

Pork tenderloin wrapped in smoked bacon with mashed potato, onion marmalade and mushroom sauce

Rabbit served on a puree of green peas and fried muahrooms
39 PLN/os.

Sous-vide duck fillet in cranberries and oranges served with Silesian dumplings and red cabbage with cinnamon



Cheesecake in chocolate topping flavored with cardamom
8 PLN/os.

Fluffy banana mousse with vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce
10 PLN/os.

Apple pie with whipped cream and ice cream
10 PLN/os.

Glazed hot cherries with a scoop of nut ice cream
10 PLN/os.

Selection of cakes
12 PLN/os.

Ice-cream cup with fruit and whipped cream
12 PLN/os.

Seasonal fruit sorbet
15 PLN/os.

Ponadto polecamy

Family dinner

for 4 people

MMeat set (pork neck, pork chop, de volaille, chicken leg)

Three types of seasonal salads

Steam boiled vegetables

Potatoes with dill


Barbecue sauce

140 PLN / 4 people


Cold buffet

Roasted pork loin with smoked plum

Hunter’s pate with cranberry

Traditional chicken / pork meat jelly

Stuffed eggs

Herring salad in three flavors

Russian salad

Bread, butter

PLN 49 / person



Dostępne sale


70 m 2
rental PLN 250

Dining room
30 m 2
rental PLN 100

Emerald Room
100 m 2
rental PLN 250

Knights’ Hall
100 m 2
rental PLN 250



Additionally, at your request, rooms and tables can be decorated with bouquets of flowers and other decorative elements.
The price is then determined individually.

Drinks and spirits – banquet prices


Fruit juices
12 PLN/litr

Mineral water
6 PLN/litr

Coca-cola/ Fanta/ Sprite
12 PLN/litr

Coffee and tea
bez limitu 10 PLN/os.



Wine Spes – white / red
45PLN/0,75 cl

Ochagavia – white / red
59 PLN/0,75 cl

Sparkling wine
49 PLN/0,75 cl

120 PLN/0,7 l

Gin Lubuski
80 PLN/0,7 l


Tequila Sierra Silver
160 PLN/0,7 l


Vodka Wyborowa
49 PLN/0,5 l

75 PLN/0,5 l

75 PLN/0,5 l


Johnnie Walker Red Label
90 PLN/0,5 l

100 PLN/0,5 l

110 PLN/0,5 l

Jack Daniels
140 PLN/0,5 l

 Lech Beer- keg
450 PLN/30 l


Snacks Chips
10 PLN/150 g

10 PLN/150 g

8 PLN/70 g

Booking rules

I. The conditions for making a reservation:
1. making a booking (email or delivery by mail to the Palace address) containing the person’s making the reservation (customer), address, telephone contact, email address, date of stay.
2. confirmation of the booking by the Palace, specifying the amount of the booking deposit and the due date of the payment.
II. If the deposit is not paid within the time specified by the Palace, the reservation expires.
III. In the event of cancellation of the booking by the Customer after making the advance payment, the Palace shall retain the advance payment made by the Client as a cancellation fee.
IV. If you go ahead with your event the payment advance will go towards your final bill