Dear Ladies,

We know how exciting time it is to wait for the birth of a baby. These are special moments not only for future parents, but also for family and friends. In Wiejce you can  share that joy and excitement with your loved ones. Thinking about future mums and her friends, we have prepared a Baby Shower offer in Wiejce Estate.

We offer:

 Meeting in the Orangery, which is a great place to spend time for a dozen or so guests (10-12 guests).

2-course dinner Chef’s
room decoration
gift for future mums
cake*, snacks, juices, water

* cake price set separately and not included in the offer

Booking rules

I. The conditions for making a reservation:
1. making a booking (email or delivery by mail to the Palace address) containing the person’s making the reservation (customer), address, telephone contact, email address, date of stay.
2. confirmation of the booking by the Palace, specifying the amount of the booking deposit and the due date of the payment.
II. If the deposit is not paid within the time specified by the Palace, the reservation expires.
III. In the event of cancellation of the booking by the Customer after making the advance payment, the Palace shall retain the advance payment made by the Client as a cancellation fee.
IV. If you go ahead with your event the payment advance will go towards your final bill